At London Integrated Health, we use an integrated approach to provide you with high-quality health and wellbeing support that is tailored to your specific needs. We like to see each patient as a whole person, both physically and psychologically individual. Our consultations are designed to help us get a full picture of the different aspects of your wellbeing, with a range of medical tests and targeted health screens atvailable. In devising your treatment plan, we are attentive to your preferences and your lifestyle in the hope that we will be of long-term benefit to you.

As experienced Generalists we treat patients with a vast range of physical, emotional disorders and psychological problems. Our integrated approach provides conventional and complementary medicine (such as anthroposophic, environmental and nutritional medicine), clinical psychology, counselling/psychotherapy, hypnotherapy/hypnoanalysis, life coaching, transpersonal arts counselling, and personal training. As caring professionals, we focus on your health, general well-being to support your personal development.

Please see the section on Integrated Medicine [Further Information] to decide how we can help you.