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Welcome to the London Integrated Health website!
At London Integrated Health we endeavor to offer you individually tailored health care, which is based on our approach to medicine that integrates mainstream and complementary diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors, nurses and therapists provide you with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a wide range of illnesses and life challenges, including stress and stress-related conditions, burnout, chronic fatigue/ME, immune diseases, heart disease, emotional health issues (depression, anxiety, tension, anger), premature ageing and cancer. London Integrated Health operates on the premises of 10 Harley Street.

Providing Integrated Medicine

London Integrated Health (LIH) is a doctor-led service that integrates conventional and proven complementary approaches into diagnosis and therapy to serve your individual needs.

We offer a range of conventional and complementary diagnostic and screening techniques, such as Chronomedical Health Assessments.

Managing stress and emotions can help to access a source of health and prevent serious illness and premature ageing. Each individual can take full responsibility and an active role in their healing process, thereby taking back control of their life.

Scientific research shows that diagnostic techniques measuring certain biomarkers, such as Heart Rate Variability, can detect illness tendencies years before severe illness manifests. Our Chronomedical Health Assessment combines diagnostic techniques to provide an individual health profile recognizing these tendencies. The same techniques can also measure any health improvement (and reduced risk) as a result of lifestyle changes, stress management or therapeutic interventions.

We offer coaching and therapies that include health and life style coaching, Heart Rate Variability training, stress and emotional management, biofeedback, the HeartSpheres approach, anthroposophic medicines (including mistletoe therapy), homeopathic constitutional treatment, herbal remedies, and natural food-state supplements to reduce the negative impact of stress on your health and to strengthen and hasten your process of recovery.



Eurythmy therapy, artistic therapy, rhythmic massage, colonic hydrotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy can also offered. Although many patients contact London Integrated Health directly, the clinic also receives referrals from health professionals working within both the NHS and the private sector. London Integrated Health services are self-funded.

Philosophy of care

The London Integrated Health approach recognises that life has meaning and purpose; creating, recognizing, loving and realizing this purpose contributes greatly to maintenance and creation of health. Each individual can take full responsibility and an active role in their healing process, thereby taking control again of life. Illness may provide opportunities for positive change and a development or deepening of life skills.

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Treatments and therapies
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