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Transformational Resilience is for:


  • Building your resilience
  • Increasing your capacity to make good judgments and decisions
  • Improving your capacity to stay calm and function well even under pressure and in crisis
  • Helping you to bounce back after catastrophe
  • Enhancing your physical health by helping the balance and rhythm of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  • Enhancing creativity in work and play
  • Improving sleep patterns


How it Works

Each day you'll listen to the audio tracks with headphones as you work with the mental exercises Dr. Gruenewald has described in the TRP eBook. These exercises include Appreciative Coherence, Contemplation, and Mental Rehearsing.

Start the day with 01 Focus & Motivation (from the Gamma-Burst album)

The brainwave entrainment of Focus & Motivation entrains your brain from mid gamma 35 Hz to gamma 55 Hz over a period of 20 minutes. This brainwave pattern is associated with:

  • high concentration
  • focus
  • enthusiasm
  • motivation
  • fast sensory perception processing
  • an experience of unity with one’s surroundings

End your day with 02 Letting Go (from Profound Meditation Program 3.0)

The brainwave entrainment of Letting Go entrains your brain towards deep delta 1 Hz. This track is profoundly calming and relaxing and may also help to prepare for deep, recuperative sleep.

Can also be used to:

  • process past experiences
  • neutralize the impact of negative emotions
  • develop equanimity
  • forgiveness of one’s self and others

03 Balancing (from Releasing Meditation, part of Profound Meditation Program 3.0)

This track can be used any time of day and provides an effective but gentle brainwave entrainment at the alpha/theta border of 7.5 Hz which is particularly helpful for stabilizing your emotional state and creating inner balance and grounding, but also helps one change behavioral patterns and address addictive behavior.

 Balancing has the effect of:

  • balancing and stabilizing emotions
  • reducing stress, anxiety, and anger
  • helping in recuperation
  • enhancing creativity 

Transformational Resilience Program 1.0 

can be played on any computer, MP3 player or smart phone.



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