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Aligning the conscious and unconscious mind with your body's physiology

Personal Resilience will help you rediscover levels of strength, optimism and energy that you may have thought you had lost forever.

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Within days you will feel bolder, stronger and more able to cope with whatever life throws at you. Every aspect of your life will feel brighter and more manageable – personal, social or professional.


Personal Benefits

Your physical and emotional health will improve, you'll be more resilient and able to perform so much better as you train your Heart Rate Variability.

Your mental and emotional health will become stronger thanks to your brain's self-healing caused by bilateral brain stimulation, alternating and panning sound. The beneficial effect of bilateral brain stimulation has been successfully applied in the practice of EMDR trauma therapy.

You will be more relaxed, energetic, confident and ready to solve problems using the power of symbolic metaphor when you're in a state of relaxation and heightened receptiveness.


Our Techniques

The techniques behind Personal Resilience are a powerful combination of Creative Visualisation, Heart Rate Variability Training and Bilateral Brain Stimulation, inspired by EMDR.

Listening to the stories and applying our balanced breathing technique will boost your ability to perform, enhance resilience and improve your physical and emotional health, short and long term, by enhancing your Heart Rate Variability and aligning the function of your nervous system, your breathing and circulation and your metabolism. It will also align your cognition, emotion and performance.

Creative Visualisation

Creative visualisation aligns the conscious and subconscious mind to achieve peak performance and success.

Breathing and Heart Rate Variability

A distinct breathing technique practiced whilst listening trains Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Regulating your Heart Rate Variability correctly is proven to improve emotional and physical well-being, and your performance.

Music and Bilateral Brain Stimulation

This highly effective, therapeutic music positively affects states of consciousness, emotions and performance as well as physiological states.


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