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Patient case studies

Calmness and confidence

K.S., female, accountant, 51 years old, 01.05.2006

The day after I took part in an introductory workshop on the HeartSpheres techniques I attended a meeting about which I was very concerned. I knew a difficult issue would be discussed about which I felt a huge resentment. I was worried that my resentment would get the better of me and that I would create an angry scene. In addition, a manager would be present who I had confronted about lying once before, fuelling my resentment even further.

Ten minutes before the meeting, I sat down quietly and did the first part of the 'Heart Breathing Exercise'  and reminded myself of my experience with the 'Intuitive Conversation Exercise'. That took 5 minutes. I then had another 5 minutes to "come back into the world" and make my way into the meeting room. Once there I was amazed at how calm I was and how much genuine appreciation I experienced for the manager's general attitude and professionalism.

When I spoke it felt as if the resentment had simply vanished. Instead I was clear, articulate and assertive when I stated a request. The words just came without premeditation and it was only when I actually spoke that I realised my request meant that it would be difficult for the manager to "be economical with the truth" at a later point. My request was accepted.

Since then I have practiced the HeartSpheres exercises on a daily basis. As a result,  I am generally calmer and more able to quietly and assertively ask for what I want as well as set boundaries. Until now I have had great difficulties with both of these.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

S.W., female, Human Resource manager, retired, 56 years old

This is a brief description of the way in which I use the HeartSpheres exercises to help me manage debilitating chronic fatigue:-
I started practising HeartSpheres exercises about a year ago to see if it would help me manage a problem, which I have with debilitating chronic fatigue following treatment for cancer 3 years ago.

I was already taking complementary remedies prescribed by Dr. Gruenewald to alleviate this fatigue and wanted to explore the possibilities that the HeartSpheres exercises offer of being able to direct and harness positive thoughts and translate these into energy and healing.
After receiving 'one to one' tuition I started by practising an exercise called 'Review Experiences'. For several months I used this form of active meditation every evening and found that it helped me to achieve a very relaxed but focused frame of mind in which to review my daily activities.
I began by reviewing the day's main events including the people I had met, discussions which had taken place and any problems or difficulties which I had encountered. I was surprised to find that I could visualise and recall events in great detail whilst still maintaining a feeling of detachment and inner calm. At the close of the review I sustained this feeling of peace and calm for about 5 minutes whilst repeating a mantra promoting healing and affirming my personal well-being.
One immediate benefit was the ease with which I was able to get off to sleep at night and the quality of the sleep that I enjoyed. By finishing each day with a sense of positive achievement I had effectively drawn a line under the day's events and was able to look forward to the next day with renewed energy.
I still practise this exercise about 3 times a week and have found that repeated use of this exercise brings a long-term benefit, which comes from the inner objectivity, which I have developed about myself and others. By learning to recognise the feelings and emotions which drain me physically or emotionally and those which energise me, it helps me to plan and manage my day more constructively. It is not possible to eliminate stressful, difficult or challenging situations from life, but what I have found is that this inner sense of awareness helps me to respond to these situations more effectively. By generating a more positive personal response in a difficult or stressful situation, I am able to conserve precious energy levels and manage my day more effectively.

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R.S., male, architect

"In 2004 a lifetime of negative feelings - principally of anxiety - were precipitated by family circumstances into a much more acute depression with symptoms of sleeplessness, bursts of anger, feelings of a failed and guilty life and suicidal imaginings.

Now, a year later, my life is transformed with a much more balanced view of life in all its aspects. In Freud's phrase (though not with his treatment methods) hysterical misery has been replaced by ordinary unhappiness. This residual unhappiness - which is mild rather than severe and does have occasional sunny intervals - is I think attributable to a life-long pre-disposition to unhappiness springing from childhood and a failure to find ongoing creative activities.

Treatment at my medical practice has consisted of modest doses of antidepressant together with regular coaching from Dr Gruenewald in HeartSpheres techniques. These have consisted of the Heart Breathing Exercise, a combination of relaxation and breathing exercises, meditative pictures and affirmation. In this process I have been much helped by Dr Gruenewald's flexible approach to the treatment which has responded to my needs and progress and I have developed with his blessing a series of helpful mental pictures (the essence of which came to me unbidden).

In these I see a series of coloured veils fall from a 'diamond' version of myself and being replaced by pastel-coloured positive feelings within the transparent self arising Phoenix- like from the veil consumed by the fire of love. Each major negative feeling is replaced by an inner-directed and an outer-directed positive feeling.

A red veil of Anger is replaced by Patience and Loving-kindness A yellow veil of Fear is replaced by Courage and Trust A green veil of Envy is replaced by Gratitude and Empathy A white veil of Perfectionism is replaced by Self-forgiveness and an ability to enjoy the unexpected.
I see myself going forward from here after stopping the anti-depressant treatment with continuing HeartSpheres-based exercises and also continuing with new creative activities and making other life-style changes as may be necessary.

My treatment by Dr Gruenewald has provided a platform of balanced thinking and feeling for this future.

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