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Dr. Cricket Chen


"I enjoyed the recording very much and I found I enjoyed deeper sleep, more vigour, more positive resolve, more equanimity, less fatigue, more reflection about my childhood, less worry and more trust in the future as well as a stronger energy and life force. I particularly like the clicks (I don't know why) and the narrator is very talented. I had some difficulty with the breathing technique initially and realised how limited my lung capacity had become so it is a good exercise for me. I think this is an excellent tool for people like me, who think too much. It helps me stop thinking and surrender to imagery and the subconscious."


Lucian Schloss


MA, LPC, Counselling Psychotherapist

"Dr. Grunewald's Personal Resilience recordings are a brilliant mix of EMDR, deep relaxation and the powerful, transformative images of Goethe's fairytale. I would highly recommend it for anyone on a journey of personal growth who also needs to relax and allow the healing power of storytelling to feed their soul."


Miss Ivana Green


"The recording has a very relaxing effect and I sleep well after listening to it. The main benefit is my increased ability to handle pressure and stressful situations more calmly. I can see a difference in my attitude to different negative situations. I feel it has helped me to slow down my fast-paced approach to doing things and take more considered actions. It also enabled me to have a more objective outlook. I am glad I came across it."

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